Our mission is to provide with the means that enable multidisciplinary research and innovation


  • Circular Economy
  • Technology 4.0
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Human Capital
  • Sound & Geometry
  • Human Potential
  • Education & Gamification
  • Holistic Wealth Generation
  • Quantum Entrepreneurship


  • Research: R&D, Innovation-Process Coaching, Consultancy 
  • Education: Presentations, courses on topics of our research work and publications.
  • Standard, Certification & Licenses: for users of the Matrix-Q Solutions


  • Along our R&D Collaboration projects we contribute with our technology, knowledge, skills and methodology.
  • We have developed joint research projects in fields:
    • Circular Economy 2018-2019


  • We are recruiting researchers and innovators that would like to explore on solutions for global pressing issues by applying multidisciplinary research and the Matrix-Q Method
  • Training programs for candidates are provided online and in 5 locations: The Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Peru & Canada


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  • We are signatories of the Dutch SDG Charter.
  • Our aim is to contribute to global sustainable development, by developing innovative solutions that enable social impact entrepreneurship and accelerate the transition into the circular economy.
  • We contribute to the IDGs Inner development goals network. We facilitate training for SDG Leaders


Under the Umbrella of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem :

Matrix-Q Solutions

A Spin-off of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem utilize the Matrix-Q Method for the R&D, Innovation, Design, Development, Management, Deployment and Commercialization of the Products. Matrix-Q Start Ups are Label-Holders and Matrix-Q Standard Compliant.

Learn more about the Matrix-Q Holistic Wealth Generation System and the Matrix-Q Covenant

  • Circular Matrix-Q Solutions: Circular Economy e-Tools & Innovation Capacity Building
  • MQ9 ICT Applications: Artificial Intelligence, Data-Driven Smart Solutions
  • Matrix-Q Akademia: Capacity Building
  • Matrix-Q Consulting: Corporate immunology, human capital consultancy services
  • Matrix-Q Innovation: e-Tools and Innovation Lab
  • Matrix-Q Expeditions: Multidisciplinary Archaeology Expeditions


Matrix-Q Method = Technology + Human Competences = Success + Human Potential Unleashed

  • Nature Inspired
  • Data-driven
  • Multidisciplinary


  • Research study on nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations


  • We create a futurist bridge between ancient civilizations and cultures, modern global culture needs and pressing issues, and the development process necessary to achieve a sustainable, circular and advanced global civilization in peace.


  • Technology 4.0
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum Computing
  • Mathematics & Algorithms


  • Circular Economy
  • New Materials
  • Clean Energy Engine


  • Education
  • Gamification
  • Social Impact & Inclusion
  • Sustainable Development
  • Entrepreneurship, Leadership
  • Human Capital


  • Human Potential
  • DNA Studies
  • Human Behavior Change
  • Human Typology


Solidarity and International Cooperation (SIC)

The SIC is dedicated to the multidisciplinary research of international cooperation based on the solidarity that aims to improve the social, economical, and cultural conditions of the lives and livelihoods of citizens through innovation, social impact, and entrepreneurship.

The SIC’s objective is to explore new forms of international cooperation involving different strategies and actors. Engage in social-impact and innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Focus on the solidarity and circularity that are necessary to establish global governance mechanisms and value chain transition, oriented to the achievement of the sustainable development goals and the promotion of human-inclusive circular future. Our goal is to enable the creation of a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.

Time Line

1993 the founder of the Matrix-Q Research Institute intended to solve challenges for which multidisciplinary research, skills, and tools were required. With a focus on human capital development, (personal) leadership, and social impact our founder traveled and applied the newly developed know-how in a variety of cultures and markets. By completing a series of stages in his research studies, integration of disciplines, and development of new methodologies that will serve better multidisciplinary work, in 2016 did register the Matrix-Q Research Institute under the Umbrella of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, which will care for the protection of the Matrix-Q Body of Knowledge and its legacy for future generations. Since 2018 the Matrix-Q Research Institute Spin-offs under the Matrix-Q Ecosystem apply the outcome of Multidisciplinary research and engage in creating a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies. Since 2020 the Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary research Group (SIC) with a focus on solidarity engages in research and innovation aiming to accelerate the transition to a circular and sustainable world; after covid-19 we have set in motion a number of non-profit programs, dedicated to knowledge, experience and technology transfer for youth, aspiring entrepreneurs and NGOs

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of the Matrix-Q Research Institute