" Travel and multidisciplinary expeditions have helped me to appreciate the value of nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations. To recognize their legacy in today thinking, creativity, cultural customs and collective intelligence. To become a global citizen with appreciation for all cultures, traditions and nations. To approach the knowledge of our elders with a humble question: Which path you did not decide to take, and why?  Where our modern industrialized civilization missed the orientation? How would you have prevented and solved the global pressing issues we have ourselves created along the last 300 (600) years ? "

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Multidisciplinary Expeditions


Support research projects that help us address global pressing issues with nature-inspired knwoledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.


If you do a donation, please specify the purpose or research group that should receive it from the list below:

  • (MRE) Multidisciplinary Research Expeditions
  • (SIC) Solidarity and International Cooperation
  • (HIT) Human-Inclusive Technology
  • (CEI) Circular Economy Innovation
  • (HP) Human Potential


  • Bank: ING Bank
  • Account: Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 
  • Account Nr. : NL95 INGB 0007 425794
  • The Netherlands

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We create a bridge between nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations to solve current and future global pressing issues.


  • We rise awareness on the value of nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.
  • Our aim is to encourage multidisciplinary research and innovation, inspired by the works, vision and appreciation ancient cultures had for nature.
  • We recover and study ancient practices, that enhanced quality of life, sustainable living, and the development of a healthy life style, in harmony with nature.


  • We visit archeaological and cultural sites, research on their knowledge and technology, mathematics, thinking-tools, algorithms, social-management and leadership development knowledge.


  • Multidisciplinary archeaology aims to study the principles and design behind the engine that generates the knowledge, people, cultures, societies, rise and fall of ancient civilizations and cultures
  • Natural Landscapes, hold still value that inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, and brought them by knowledge. The observation of nature, as source of wisdom. 


1983 - 2003

Expeditions in Southa America. Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador & Chile

Research in Eurasian Cultures: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Tibetan, Abrahamic Cultures (Christian, Hebrew, Islamic), Celtic, Native Americans, Aborigens.


Expeditions in Italy, Switzerland, Austria

Research in European, eastern Mediterrean Cultures: Celtic, Roman, Greek, Persian, Egyptian, Tibetan, Middle-east Cultures


Expeditions in Israel, Germany, Austria,

Research in Modern cultural expressions. Heritage and legacy of ancient civilizations and cultures. Traits found in modern culture. Internet and the globalization of culture. Modern online tribes and modern acrhetypes, cultural expressions.


Expeditions in Finland, Russia, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Research in Slavic, Nordic, Celtic, Roman, Russian, Black-Sea Cultures.


Expeditions in The Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Belgium

Research in Slavic, Nordic, Celtic, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Indian, Sikh Traditions